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Healing From A Traumatic Experience With Lisa Burke

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Giving birth is a big turning point for any woman and family. People talk about how beautiful it is and we treat it as a blessing. But how come we never talk about the effect on a mother’s life afterwards?

In this episode of the Fire In the Belly Podcast, Pete sits down with Lisa Burke, an author and yoga teacher, to talk about her traumatic birth experience and how yoga and meditation helped her get through it. Listen in to learn how Lisa managed this and how she found her inner peace and balance.

KEY TAKEAWAYS                

  • There was addiction in Lisa's family which brought many challenges particularly in relation to her self-identity and self-value.  Ultimately the quest was to find a place of balance not just within herself but with her family. This is never easy, but acknowledging the truth allowed for a place to begin the healing.
    • Practising yoga and being around her family helped her improve her health and wellbeing.
  • Though yoga was her #1 solace, it wasn’t possible to do it after her traumatic birth experience. Lisa suffered from postpartum PTSD and had to see a therapist.
  • Her physical (plus psychological & mental) wounds healed, but life became very different. She needed to provide for her child financially, developmentally and emotionally. So, due to financial reasons, Lisa had to put a halt to teaching Kundalini yoga, and apply for a typical 9-5 job. But what isn’t for you, isn’t for you. It was sucked the life out of her.
  • It needs to feel right. When Lisa was working a job she didn’t like, she was dreadful and in pain, even outside the office. According to Lisa, it’s easier to be successful when you’re happy with what you’re doing. So, she left the job, wrote her book, and started teaching again. Listen and connect to what your heart is telling you. Always ask: Does it feel right?
  • Speak your truth. When we share our traumatic experience, we help ourselves and other people. We connect. We hear other insights and take in whatever that could help us.


  • “We all meet that part of ourselves when we want to connect to something deeper, to understand who we are, or to understand why we are here for.”
  • “When you do something that your heart isn’t calling for, a part of you dies.”
  • “If we are able to stop, to turn inwards, to slow down, to calm, to just come at the head and drop down into the heart… that’s where our calling comes from.”
  • “We are required to open up this soft belly, this part of ourselves that has the power to move forward—the power to take steps.”



Lisa Burke is a certified teacher of Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga, and mediation. She’s been inspiring so many through her yoga school, Danu Yoga Centre & Yoga Soul Academy (Dublin), and her book, Reclaiming the Wounded Soul: Transforming the challenges of a traumatic birth experience with a spirit of resilience, forgiveness, and gratitude.

For over 20 years of practice of yoga, Lisa has more than enough knowledge and insights that can help you navigate through life and attain the success that you want.


The ‘Mighty Pete Lonton’ from the ‘Mighty 247’ company is your main host of ‘Fire In The Belly’. 

Pete is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Property Investor, and father of 3 beautiful girls. Pete’s background is in Project Management and Property, but his true passion is the ‘Fire in The Belly’ project itself. His mission is to help others find their potential and become the mightiest version of themselves. Pete openly talks about losing both of his parents, suffering periods of depression, business downturn and burn-out, and ultimately his years spent not stoking ‘Fire In the Belly’. In 2017, at 37 years of age that changed, and he is now on a journey of learning, growing, accepting, and inspiring others.

Pete can connect with people and intuitively asks questions to reveal a person’s passion and discover how to live their mightiest life. The true power of ‘Fire In The Belly’ is the Q&A’s - Questions and Actions!

The ‘Fire In The Belly’ brand and the programme is rapidly expanding into podcasts, seminars, talks, business workshops, development course, and rapid results mentoring.


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