Reforming Animal Slaughterhouses with Temple Grandin

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Temple Grandin is an American scientist and industrial designer who was diagnosed with autism. However, instead of letting her condition define her, she reasoned that people with autism can relate to the intense fear animals experience in slaughterhouses. She used her experience with autism to create systems that can help with the anxiety of both people and animals. Temple’s condition allowed her to possess a high IQ and obtain a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Animal Science from Arizona State University. She is also the author of Thinking in Pictures, where she talks about how being autistic made her brain process information as if she were looking at pictures.

Temple joins me today to discuss how autism lets her develop efficient farm systems, especially those concerning animals about to be slaughtered. She explains  why previously-believed abnormal animal behaviors are now seen as normal today. She explains why engineering systems will only solve half the problems slaughterhouses experience every day. She shares the benefits and drawbacks of lab-grown meat and vegan alternatives. Temple also discusses how her passion for writing allowed her to educate beyond those who take her classes.

"A big centralized supply chain is very cheap and efficient, but when you break it, you have a ton of problems." - Temple Grandin

This week on Ctrl-Alt-Meat:

  • Who Temple is and how autism allowed her to think outside the box
  • Temple's initial observations regarding cattle handling and slaughtering
  • Why building good facilities will only fix half the problem
  • The changes made in slaughterhouses as a result of Temple's work
  • Temple's thoughts on the slaughterhouses in the US
  • The biggest issues in slaughterhouses and how people are desensitized to them
  • How COVID-19 disrupted the global supply chain
  • The pros and cons of lab-grown meats and vegan alternatives regarding sustainability
  • How the industry can better apply humane slaughterhouse practices
  • Why many great thinkers were likely autistic
  • What inspired Temple to write about autism and the cattle industry
  • What young people will no longer consider abnormal in the future
  • How writing helped Temple find growth and success in her career
  • Her advice to those who want to help the world realize how we can do better

Connect with Temple Grandin:

Resetting the Food System for a Better Tomorrow

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