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A-Block (1:44) SPECIAL COMMENT: Trump staffers are flipping faster than fry cooks at Fat Burger! 

two MORE of his gang members have flipped on him. Flipped on him evidently without getting anything in return even immunity. In one case, serving as a de facto government agent gathering and bringing in EVIDENCE against Trump. And in the other, flipping on him without – apparently – telling the truth: just making stuff up about him to save themselves by sinking HIM. In an almost comedic turn, Trump assistant/Gal Friday/factotum Molly Michael is telling federal investigators that he used to write to-do lists for her on the BACKS OF CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS HE HAD IMPROPERLY RETAINED. Documents with visible classification MARKINGS on them. Handed to Trump. IN the Oval Office. Which he used as scrap paper and handed to the lowest level White House staffer. They wouldn’t have accepted it as a plot device on “Veep.” The To-Do Doo-Doo.

Also according to ABC News, Trump found out LAST YEAR that the FBI wanted to talk to her, so he told her – she says - quote “You don’t know anything about the boxes,” unquote. Thing is – she still doesn’t know what he MEANT by that.

There’s always money in the banana stand.

Meanwhile Jeff Clark – the man who would be Attorney General – has become the fifth of the Trump 19 to try to get his Atlanta charges moved to Federal Court and his lawyer has told the judge that he should grant their motion because of one letter. It’s the letter he wrote but was prevented from sending after the 2020 election from the Justice Department to top officials in Georgia saying that the DOJ had reason to doubt that Georgia’s election results were legitimate. Clark claims he was told to do so BY Trump, that he couldn’t have done so UNLESS Trump told him to. His lawyer told Judge Steve Jones quote “They say he was acting outside of his lane. The president PUT it in his lane,” unquote.

Meanwhile it says something that when Trump posts an antisemitic meme and that isn't the lead story. Trump has found and posted a graphic meme that reads quote “Just a quick reminder for liberal Jews who voted to destroy America and Israel because you believed false narratives! Let’s hope you learned from your mistake and make better choices moving forward! Happy New Year!” Last October he also threatened America’s Jews and not via meme. He personally said they “have to get their act together… before it is too late!” and had better support him for supporting Israel and once again implied that they were Jewish first and American second and no, the fact that he used to keep a book of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet next to his bed is nothing to worry about.

Trump is a dangerous anti-semite. And this iteration is terrifying, because it is about the support of "Evangelicals" and it is a very dark thing indeed because the Evangelicals love Trump because he thinks he's going to help them convert (or get rid of) all the Jews so they can enjoy the Rapture.

B-Block (30:52) THE WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD: Dedicated to Lauren Boebert breaking up with her Beetlejuice beau (at least it had a Happy Ending): Nope, I was right, Maddow said NOTHING about the NBC/MSNBC Welker-Trump disaster. She told me success would ruin her as a person. She got that right. Also Elon Musk thinks he can charge everybody for Twitter. And Bill Maher makes up a phony excuse for backing off his plan to Scab and cross WGA picket lines. Reality was: his career would've ended.

C-Block (38:20) THINGS I PROMISED NOT TO TELL: How's your right side, just above the belt? Any pain? Any sharp searing blinding you-almost-blacked-out pain after you stick your finger into the area then remove it? Well my friend your appendix is on the fritz! Now don't do what I did 16 years ago and WAIT TO SEE THE DOCTOR UNTIL TWO DAYS LATER WHEN YOU ARE DYING OF SEPTICEMIA!

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