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The Perfect Pour Technique, Part 2 - a Masterclass of Coffee Pour Over with Daniel Teplitz, Klatch Coffee

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In the second episode of this two-part series, Kenneth and Daniel Teplitz of Klatch Coffee sit down together to deliver a pour-over masterclass. Daniel recently took 3rd place in the 2023 US Brewer’s Cup Championship and shares the exact details of how he achieves the perfect pour - it’s a pour technique you can easily use at home!

For this episode they dive deeper into the subject of pour-over brewing, explaining what the bloom is and how to get it right. They also cover how to pour to activate the extraction process, channeling, continuous vs pulse pouring, and how to achieve even distribution of the water to create the best overall flavor profile. They also bust an interesting coffee-brewing myth!


  • Allowing the right level of bloom to develop is essential for releasing CO2. If you do not release enough of it, you will not get a good extraction.
  • Initially, you don’t want to flood the bed, but at some point in the brew doing so can be necessary.
  • Your brew time goal is going to vary depending on the kit and coffee you are using but always aim to hit that goal.
  • Sometimes channeling can be helpful, but generally, you want to minimize it.
  • Use a journal to identify what works and stick to it. Be consistent.
  • You need 4 tools to achieve a good pour. During the episode, Daniel explains what they are and how to pick the best equipment.


‘When you pour for that bloom, you don't want too much water there, so we're able to release the CO2. ´

‘The darker your roast, the faster you can extract.’

‘A few years back, I started keeping a coffee journal.’




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Daniel Teplitz with Klatch Coffee.  Daniel was awarded 3rd place in the 2023 US Brewer’s Cup Championship.  Loves music, coffee, saxophone, and bass. 


Kenneth’s Go-To Home Pour-Over Method:

Hario V60 -

Kalita Wave -

Award-winning single-origin specialty coffee:

At Umble Coffee, we only roast specialty-grade arabica coffee from around the world with cupping scores 84 and above. Don’t sabotage yourself in pursuing your goals - drink coffee that tastes better and is better for you. No crash, great taste, and better long-term health benefits. That’s Umble Coffee.





As a coffee lover, physician, chemical engineer, serial entrepreneur, competitive runner, writer, and family man, Kenneth knows what it’s like to push yourself to achieve goals very few accomplish. He’s one of the best specialty coffee roasters in the United States as he’s a multi-year US Coffee Roasters’ Competition Finalist. He created Umble Coffee Co with the belief that, if sourced and roasted right, coffee can taste phenomenal and be good for you.

“Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.”


Want to reach Kenneth? Have questions, show ideas, or want to just let us know you’re enjoying the show? The best way is to leave us a great review and put your thoughts in the comment section - Kenneth reads all of them! The second-best way is through DM on social media.

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