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Obtaining the Best (and Healthiest) Cup of Coffee

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In this episode, Kenneth sits down with Katie to continue to talk about the health benefits of coffee. This time the focus is on making coffee in a way that ensures that you get the maximum benefit from each and every cup.


  • If coffee smells a little stale or the aroma is weak, the chances are it is not that fresh.
  • Look for a roasted-on date. That is the best way to tell how fresh the coffee really is.
  • Lighter roast coffee contains more antioxidants, so is generally healthier.
  • For drip coffee, a 16/18 to 1 ratio of water to coffee is about right.
  • Buy whole beans when you can, they degrade slower than ground coffee.
  • The water you use is important, it makes up 91 to 95% of your cup.
  • When you make coffee at home make sure it is around 195 to 205 Fahrenheit.


‘Usually, the cups that taste the best black are the healthiest for you. ´

‘If you're in a coffee shop, look and see if they are using a scoop. Are they using a scale when they're weighing out the beans, because that can make a difference in the quality.’

‘The higher the elevation, the denser the bean, and the higher the quality of coffee.’




Umble Healthy Coffee Calculator™️ -

Third Wave Water -

SCA certified home brewers -

Coffee 101 episode about farm elevation -




Award-winning single-origin specialty coffee:


You’re disciplined and high achieving. You never settle. Shouldn’t the fuel that helps you reach your goals be held to those same standards? Instead of a crash-inducing cup of jo, you need coffee with optimal antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. A coffee so good that you can drink it black.

At Umble Coffee, we only roast specialty-grade arabica coffee from around the world with cupping scores 84 and above. Don’t sabotage yourself in pursuing your goals - drink coffee that tastes better and is better for you. No crash, great taste, and better long-term health benefits. That’s Umble Coffee.









As a coffee lover, physician, chemical engineer, serial entrepreneur, competitive runner, writer, and family man, Kenneth knows what it’s like to push yourself to achieve goals very few accomplish. He’s one of the best specialty coffee roasters in the United States as he’s a multi-year US Coffee Roasters’ Competition Finalist. He created Umble Coffee Co with the belief that, if sourced and roasted right, coffee can taste phenomenal and be good for you.

“Life’s too short to drink bad coffee.”


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Podcast Description

Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee. The host, Kenneth Thomas, starts with the most basic questions about coffee and builds your knowledge from there. If you love coffee, are curious about coffee, or you’re a business just looking for a resource to train your team, Coffee 101 is without question the show for you!




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Coffee 101

Coffee 101 is an educational show on all things coffee. The host, Kenneth Thomas, starts with the mo 
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