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How to Increase Your Happiness With David Taylor And Clair Carpenter

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The Business Mastermind Podcast is for business owners and leaders in small to medium-sized businesses. If you are running a business with revenue  
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On this episode of The Business Mastermind Podcast, Gavin is joined by David Taylor and Clair Carpenter, the co-authors of the book ‘BLISS: How to Be Truly Happy For the Rest of Your Life’, to talk about happiness.

David and Clair come at the world from very different points of view, David sees it through the lens of possibility, potential and purpose, Clair sees it through the rigour of science and robust research. But, both are looking for what we should be focussing on to find happiness.



  • It’s time to put aside people’s differences on psychology and psychiatry and focus on find out what works for individual people. The biggest parallel virus to Covid is mental health and we’re absolutely dedicated to getting people to living the rest of their lives pretty happy.
  • Western schooling systems are all set up to test you against a completely fictional thing that you’re meant to have achieved and then you’re made to focus on the bits you’re not so good at. This entire way that our society is engendered and hard wired impacts the way individuals see things, and it filters into science and psychiatry. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with individuals you’re trying to ‘fix’, it’s all about playing to their strengths.
  • We judge things from our experience, education and imagination and because we don’t immediately remember everything that’s happened in our lives, imagination plays a big part, and if there’s a 50/50 leaning on something we tend to lean to the negativity for the protection of ourselves. It’s very difficult to switch it the other way, but Clair has given a working EMBR (event, meaning, behaviour, reaction) model that gives a level playing field for real life, real people in real life situations that they can apply a gap of infinite possibility: is this definition you’re giving going to help you and other people, or is it not?
  • When we feel in the thick of a very powerful emotion, sometimes we become that emotion, rather than feel it, acknowledge it, put it to one side and take a step back and time to breathe. What if it didn’t have this meaning? What if I could interpret id differently? What if I stepped into somebody else’s shoes and saw this information from a different point of view? I thin those two things can really help recast and reattribute meaning.
  • What we’ve all learned through lockdown is the magic of human connection, and we’ve all been missing that. It’s enabled me to get to a point where I really value that rather than take it for granted. Rather than looking back over the last 18 months and thing “haven’t I missed a lot?”, I’m coming forward from today and thinking “I’ve really gained a lot”. The mind is everything, what you think you do become.



‘Psychology is a lot of the answer that we can make life extremely happy and blissful.’

‘No event has any meaning other than the meaning you choose to give it.’

‘One of the most powerful questions we can ask ourselves if “what if?” Go and make a cup of tea.’

‘If you address the happiness of those who need help first, that’s when other things happen, especially in corporate environments.’

‘We achieve success every single day, if people recorded their successes from the moment the woke up, you’d get into an abundance mindset. Celebrate everything you do.’



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Clair Carpenter is the founder of The Naked Psychologist, and main psychology adviser to Naked Leader, stripping away the hype, jargon and mystery from behavioural science.

Her clients include Amex, CGI, IBM and Google. She is a Harvard qualified Psychologist and visiting Professor of Psychology and Leadership at Ulster University Business School, applying her learning, experience and skills to ensure that people actively choose to do what their organisations really need them to do. 

Clair has delivered breakthrough results in senior roles for blue chip organisations including EDF Energy, BUPA, HSBC and Bank of America to perform, transform and thrive under the auspices of Cultural Transformation, Business Strategy, Leadership Effectiveness and Talent Development. 

David Taylor is the founder of Naked Leader, a group of Independent Business Coaches, supported by Academic/Behavioural Psychologists, Research and ‘C’ level Advisors. He works with top leaders around the world, including the CEOs from Ford, Veolia and NHS Blood and Transplant. He is the Business Ambassador for The Princes Trust, has written 5 best-selling books in over 30 languages and over 300,000 people have attended one of his events, across over 50 countries,
Social media: @nakedleader

So much of Mental Health focuses on what is 'wrong' with us - Bliss does the very opposite, and focuses on what is 'right' with us, as Human Beings, regardless of how we may be feeling at the moment. With this 'Mental Wellness' as its base, Bliss provides powerful, practical and proven ways to true happiness. These can be applied straight away, with very fast results, that work with everyone. Co-written by David Taylor, author of The Naked Leader series of best-selling books, and Harvard psychology post-graduate Clair Carpenter - aka 'The Naked Psychologist', 'Bliss' is a combination of real-life tools, tips and techniques, backed up by science, research and academic references. It will help anyone who reads it move closer to happiness.



Gavin Preston

Gavin is an inspirational Speaker, Business Strategist, Business Growth Mentor, Trainer and high-performance Coach.  He works with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and has a strong track record in creating the creative strategies to accelerate growth of their business. He has helped hundreds of SME business owners and leaders improve their performance and that of their business and a comparable number of executives and employees in blue chip corporates over the last 20 years.

Gavin’s energetic, insightful and yet down to earth and practical talks, workshops and coaching is in demand with high growth business between £250,000 and £30 million revenue and with multi-national organisations at all levels from Board to frontline Managers. He is an expert in Business Growth Strategies, Peak Performance Mindset, Persuasion & Engagement, Marketing, Productivity, Leadership Development, Team Development & Motivation, Leading Change, Stakeholder Management, Personal Effectiveness and Behavioural Change. 


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Business Mastermind Podcast

The Business Mastermind Podcast is for business owners and leaders in small to medium-sized business 
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