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Maxy's Playdough Adventure

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Maxy the Puppy - 2 minute Adventures

Maxy the puppy dog is a 2-minute adventure podcast on the Auscast network. It's ideal for kids who enjoy listening to stories while brushing their tee 
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Once upon a time, there was a cute little puppy named Maxy. He had big brown eyes and a fluffy tail that wagged all the time. One day, Maxy's mommy and daddy dog told him that they were going to have a playdate with his best friend Rocky the Rottweiler.

Maxy was so excited, he couldn't wait to play with his best friend and some playdough. When Maxy arrived at Rocky's house, he saw that Rocky had already set up a big table with different colored playdough balls.

Maxy and Rocky had so much fun squishing and molding the playdough into different shapes. Maxy made a big red playdough ball into a apple, Rocky made a green playdough ball into a tree. They even used the playdough to make a playdough dog and playdough cat.

But then, Maxy had a problem. He accidentally mixed all the colors together, creating a big brown playdough ball. Maxy was sad because he thought all the beautiful colors were gone.

Rocky saw that Maxy was upset and said, "Don't worry Maxy, we can still have fun with this brown playdough. Look, we can make it into a big playdough mud puddle!"

Maxy thought about it and realized that Rocky was right. They continued to play with the brown playdough, making all sorts of fun things like a playdough worm, playdough snake and even a playdough turtle.

Maxy learned that even when things don't go as planned, you can still have fun and be creative. From that day on, Maxy always looked at problems as opportunities to make something new and exciting.

The end.


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