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Maxy's Baking Adventure

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Maxy the Puppy - 2 minute Adventures

Maxy the puppy dog is a 2-minute adventure podcast on the Auscast network. It's ideal for kids who enjoy listening to stories while brushing their tee 
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Once upon a time, there was a cute little puppy named Maxy. Maxy had big brown eyes and a fluffy tail that wagged whenever he was happy. Today, Maxy is going to spend the day baking with his Mummy Dog.

Maxy was so excited to bake. He wagged his tail and licked Mummy Dog's face. "Let's go make something yummy," said Mummy Dog with a smile. They went to the kitchen and Mummy Dog got out all the ingredients they needed. Maxy helped measure the flour and sugar and mix them together.

As they were baking, Maxy saw his best friend Sarah the cat outside the window. "Mummy Dog, can I go play with Sarah?" asked Maxy. "Not yet, Maxy. We have to finish baking first," said Mummy Dog. But Maxy was so eager to play with Sarah that he didn't listen. He ran out the door and went to play with Sarah.

When Maxy returned, he saw that the cookies were burned. "Oh no, Maxy! You should have stayed and helped me. Now our cookies are burned," said Mummy Dog with a sad face. Maxy felt guilty and apologized to Mummy Dog.

Mummy Dog hugged Maxy and said, "It's okay, Maxy. We can make more cookies tomorrow. But remember, it's important to finish what you start and to not give up." Maxy nodded and promised to help Mummy Dog next time.

They enjoyed the rest of the day together and Maxy learned that patience and persistence are important when it comes to achieving your goals.

The end.


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