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Ladd McConkey lights up Gators, leads Georgia football to 43-20 victory over Florida

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Athens Script for Saturday, October 31, 2023

And here are your top stories presented by Drake Realty.

Story 1: Ladd McConkey lights up Gators, leads Georgia football to 43-20 victory over Florida

Ladd McConkey, with only nine catches for 107 yards in the 2023 season, delivered a standout performance in Georgia's 43-20 victory over Florida. With Brock Bowers, the team's star tight end, out due to injury, McConkey stepped up, amassing six catches for 135 yards. He contributed 78 yards after the catch, making him a critical asset for Georgia. McConkey's performance was all the more remarkable because he had been sidelined for much of the season with a back injury. His outstanding play highlights his ability to fill a significant production gap left by Bowers, and Georgia remains undefeated with an 8-0 record heading into November……. This from The Red & Black


Story 2: 4 people, including 2 students, shot near a Georgia college campus

On Sunday, four individuals, including two students, were shot near Georgia State University's Atlanta campus. Three of the victims were in stable condition, while one was in critical condition. The shooting was a result of a dispute between two groups, though no arrests or suspects have been disclosed. This incident occurred near a RaceTrac gas station, which was also the site of a shooting in December 2022 where a Georgia State student was killed, and another shooting in April. University officials confirmed that two students were injured in the shooting and announced plans to increase patrols and collaborate with law enforcement to enhance security in the campus vicinity…… This from the Athens – Banner Herald

Story 3: Fake cop tries to 'pull over' wrong vehicle, Athens police say

A man from Colbert, Timothy Hulsey, was arrested in Athens-Clarke County for charges related to impersonating a police officer and using blue lights on a vehicle. He allegedly attempted to pull over a vehicle, not realizing it was an unmarked police cruiser with emergency lights. When he discovered his mistake, he fled the scene. However, law enforcement located and arrested him shortly thereafter. Hulsey, aged 60, was taken into custody, booked into the Athens-Clarke County Jail, and later released on bail amounting to nearly $7,000…………. This from Fox 5


Story 4: UGA College Republicans and Young Democrats face off in annual ‘Great Debate’

The annual Great Debate between UGA College Republicans and Young Democrats took place at the University of Georgia, addressing a wide range of topics including foreign policy, economy, social policy, local issues, and the 2024 presidential election. Both groups engaged in heated discussions but emphasized the potential for bipartisanship and finding common ground. They agreed on issues like addressing the opioid epidemic and fentanyl overdoses, pro-medicaid and anti-war stances, and opposing the death penalty. The debate encouraged open dialogue and highlighted the possibility of working together on shared concerns despite differences in opinion…. This from The Red & Black



Story 5: A jet engine powered by switchgrass? UGA project is looking at the biofuel possibilities

Switchgrass, a native U.S. grass, is being studied as a potential renewable energy source, particularly for sustainable aviation fuel. It has several advantages, such as thriving in diverse soil types and conditions, reducing soil erosion, storing carbon in the soil, and requiring less water, fertilizers, and pesticides compared to many crops. The U.S. Department of Energy has selected switchgrass as a potential bioenergy crop due to its ability to meet specific criteria, including growth regions, drought resistance, and low input requirements. Researchers are collaborating to develop sustainable aviation fuel from switchgrass and other feedstocks, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050 and supply 35 billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel annually…………. This from Athens – Banner Herald



Story 6: What Athenians should know about what's happening at the Israel-Gaza border

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has a long and complex history, with roots tracing back to the British Mandate of Palestine in 1948. This led to the creation of the State of Israel and the displacement of many Palestinian Arabs, with hundreds of thousands being expelled from their homes. The conflict primarily revolves around the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the only two territories that Palestine possesses within Israeli borders. The Arab citizens of Israel, who make up 21% of the country's population, face discrimination through various laws. Jerusalem, a city sacred to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, is located in Israel. Despite international calls for a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine have yet to reach an agreement, with disputes over borders remaining unresolved. The militant group Hamas, considered a terrorist organization by the United States, gained control of Gaza in 2007, leading to a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt. This blockade has resulted in extreme poverty for many Gazan Palestinians, who rely heavily on international aid. The ongoing conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip has resulted in a significant number of casualties and damages. As of October 30, over 8,300 people in Gaza have been killed, including thousands of children and women, and over 21,000 injured. In the occupied West Bank, at least 119 have been killed and nearly 2,000 injured. In Israel, at least 1,405 have been killed and over 5,400 injured [1]. The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 5,000, with 62% of the fatalities being women and children. Over 625,000 children in Gaza have been deprived of education, and 206 schools have been damaged [2]. The conflict has also led to the displacement of many Palestinians and has caused extensive damage to infrastructure and facilities in Gaza……… This from The Red & Black


Story 7: UGA alum Megan Moroney says she writes sad songs for sad people. It’s making her a star.

Megan Moroney, an up-and-coming country musician, attended the University of Georgia with the intention of becoming an accountant. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when, during her freshman year, she opened for singer John Langston at a sorority event and met Chase Rice. Rice encouraged her to write an original song, which eventually led her to a successful music career. Her single "Tennessee Orange" became a platinum-selling hit and earned her CMA nominations for song of the year and artist of the year. Moroney's path from accounting student to country artist was a twist of fate she didn't anticipate…… This from WSB- TV


Story 8: ACC Animal Services extends halt on dog adoptions and owner surrenders until Nov. 8

The Athens-Clarke County Animal Services Department has extended its moratorium on dog adoptions and owner surrenders until November 8 due to cases of canine parvovirus and space constraints. The extension is a result of new confirmed cases of parvo, a highly contagious disease, with three stray dogs testing positive, the most recent case occurring on October 24. The department will continue to accept stray dogs and owner reclaims, along with all cat adoptions and intakes. Owners who reclaim dogs will be advised about potential parvo exposure and the need to contact their vet if their dog becomes ill……. This from The Red & Black


Social: Chef Kevin Gillespie from Atlanta  posted on his facebook group: Absolutely spectacular bowl of Posole Rojo from Taqueria Juaritos in Athens GA. You can tell a place is gonna be good if it meets the following 3 criteria: 1.) attached to a sketchy gas station 2.) mostly work trucks parked out front 3.) the windows are blacked out or possibly even broken. If you see this trio do yourself a favor and stop immediately. Oh, and take a dose of Pepcid on the way in… #roadfood #momandpopshop #taqueria #minorityownedbusiness #supportsmallbusiness

Some of your top comments were:

Patrick Guilfoil from Atlanta said “Work Truck / Construction Workers vest test is definitely legitimate!”

Dana Major-Wilson from Atlanta said “The seediest-looking places more often than not have the best food. Ask me how I know. #NOLAGurl #TheBestSpotsAreHolesInTheWall

And finally, Megan Beezley tagged Corbin Jones and said “Corbin Jones see what I've been telling you about gas station food?! Biscuits, BBQ, and Mexican food attached to a gas station are usually ”

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